Jobs and duties related to the jobs at the law firm are divided in two main working units. The first working unit consists of administrative jobs, that is, jobs that are necessary for performing regular internal business activities of the law firm and for logistical support to the second working unit. The second working unit consists of professional jobs at the law firm, that is, jobs necessary for performing the professional part of the business activities when working with clients.

A special working unit consists of external associates or persons who are not directly employed at the law firm, but who cooperate with the law firm and have a significant role in providing a complete service to clients.

The need for new employees arises periodically and depends on the requirements for performing particular jobs.

Information on the possibilities for employment and vacancy notices at our law firm are posted on our website in due time.

All other enquiries related to employment, apart from applications for vacancy notices, should be sent to the following email address: posao@dep.hr.

When announcing employment conditions and hiring new staff, persons in charge of selecting the candidates pay special attention to nondiscrimination.

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